Quotes about the event

A collection of quotes from visitors and exhibitors at Vatten2023

A collection of quotes from visitors and exhibitors at Vatten2023

What visitors say about the conference and exhibition

– It’s been great, so many exhibitors, such variety in all respects, which is fantastic to see. There’s so much all under one roof – lots of new technologies, it’s so good to see the progress being made with all kinds of developments. In the Vattenverkstaden activity area I loved seeing the robot that can be used instead of a person to access various spaces. Things like this could really save lives, given how dangerous some of the tasks in our sector are.

Ida Jönsson, Ystad kommun

– We’re involved in design work for the water and sewerage sector and as a civil engineering company our projects involve lots of water and sewerage and storm water solutions. The exhibition has explored many of the issues we’re currently dealing with, as well as providing plenty of more general education. Besides that, it’s also great to get to meet so many suppliers and manufacturers and to be able to talk in detail about their solutions and what’s new with them.

Markku Päivänen och Thomas Ekersjö, Kanonaden Entreprenad

– Everyone who works in the sector needs innovation, and that’s what this exhibition provides. I’ve listened to a number of lectures offering different takes on topics such as maintenance, which I think is great. What I’m taking away from this is that people are keen to engage in cooperation. The desire to work together is there, which makes everything else so much easier. It’s left me with a really good, positive outlook on the future.

Christian Hittliet, Uppsala Vatten

– I’m here to get up to date on what’s going on in the market and to see what new developments have been made. There are so many new things and interesting developments to see and so many people to talk to. I have only positive things to say.

Peter Gustafsson, Växjö kommun

– We have a number of projects to implement in our municipality over the coming years, and here at Vatten2023 there are so many interesting ideas and people who can help us. I must have gained 10 new suggestions for solutions that I’ll take away with me, so I’m very satisfied. Right people, right place.

Sara Börjesson, Swedish Hydro Solutions

– The Innovation Stage has been the cherry on the top of the whole exhibition. It’s been a fantastic feature and has given us the chance to see presentations on a range of solutions and technologies.

Jan Haraldsson, Svedala kommun

What exhibitors say about the event

– We are a part of the trade organisation Vattenindustrin, so being here felt only natural. We’ve come to meet with our customers and to give our customers the opportunity to come and see us. It’s also a great opportunity to meet up with all our suppliers. Getting together face-to-face and engaging in dialogue is important.

Therese Fredriksson, Sweco

– The meeting place is what’s important. Having the opportunity to come together with our customers, colleagues and partners is vital. This is the perfect forum for us to show everyone what we’re about. Not to mention that water and the water and sewerage sector are going through a pivotal period right now – there’s a real need for innovation, which of course makes us all gathering here even more important.

Kjell Andersson, Siemens AB

– Vatten2023 is great for us. It’s always hard to place a value on exhibitions, but with this one it really feels like there was a pent-up need for it. Lots of operators in the sector are here and we have so many interesting people dropping by, so it really feels like it’s hit the spot. We have customers who’ve come here from all over the country – from Malmö to Luleå – which in itself is very telling.

Jessica Kempe och Stefan Pettersson, ACO Nordic AB

– This is the most important exhibition of the year for us. It’s also the biggest exhibition in the calender – the whole water and sewerage sector in Sweden is here. Relationship sales are a key part of how the water and sewerage sector works, which is something we’re keen to cultivate here at Vatten2023. Everyone coming together here has a role to play in dealing with the challenges that lie ahead.

Clas Edvardsson Berg, Xylem Water Solutions

– The exhibition itself has been very professionally organised, and as part of the VA-tour Sverige (Swedish water and sewerage sector tour), it’s important for us to be here. It gives us the chance to meet up with contacts we might not otherwise be able reach through our standard channels. And from a brand perspective, of course it’s vital that we have a presence in this kind of arena.

Ulrika Andersson, Ulefos AB

– It’s a delight to have the exhibition in Gothenburg, it’s a great gathering place. The whole sector needs this kind of attention. There’s a huge need for this, and so creating this kind of meeting place is vital. Those of us who work in the sector know that it’s not a huge sector, but with climate change making its presence known, we need to raise awareness amongst society at large if we want the systems and processes people take for granted to keep working.

Anders Schirell, Dahl