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Vatten2025 is an exhibtion that welcomes a large number of visitors and exhibitors to The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in 2025. Vatten2025 is an arena for innovation, influence, inspiration and new business.

The exhibition
– an important meeting place

An important exhibition for sellers, buyers and the entire industry with 200 exhibiting companies. The exhibition’s content is more compelling than ever, and Vatten2025 is an unmissable event for the entire water and wastewater industry.

Reasons to exhibit

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Visitors at Vatten2025

Vatten2025 is an exhibiton for the entire water and wastewater industry as well as other industries that need the water industry’s solutions, such as the food industry.

Among the visitors you’ll find:
Staff working with production, operation and maintenance
Site workers
Project engineers
Government officials
Municipal and regional authorities
Water and sewerage managers
Technical, operations and production managers
Environmental managers

What are visitors’ areas of interest?

The visitors' areas of interest:

Equipment and services in areas including water treatment
Measurement and control technology
Consulting and procurement

Authorities, industry associations and research and education institutes are important participants at Vatten2025.

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Niclas Caspersson
Partner Sales Manager,

”It’s an extremely important meeting place. One-to-one meetings are essential to building networks, and gaining experience from others is crucial to meet today’s challenges. Water and sewerage are among society’s key issues. We can’t survive without water. It is crucial for our customers to have an opportunity to meet us and learn about new technologies as well as how pump systems are controlled efficiently. The most important question
is how to save energy without compromising on quality.”

John Skantze
Deputy Chair, Vattenindustrin

”During the pandemic we asked ourselves: what is the meeting place of the future? That is a challenging question, and the entire water industry is also facing challenges. We needed a modern meeting place for 2023, and the procurement process with the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre was carried out with this in mind. With the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre, we can combine an expo with a modern event. That’s something I’m delighted about.“

Bo Tiderman

”Today’s market situation is exciting and complex like we’ve never experienced before. High electricity prices and long delivery times pose challenges to the entire industry. We’ve recently launched products that we feel are highly relevant to the water industry. They have low energy consumption, are easy to install and work equally efficiently when it’s cold. Vatten2023 will provide opportunities for many exciting meetings between suppliers and customers. We’ll build new knowledge, find new solutions and gain new insights together.”

Three ways to take part


An important exhibition for sellers, buyers and the entire industry. The exhibition’s content is more compelling than ever, and Vatten2025 is an unmissable event for the entire water and wastewater industry.

Open stage
& activities

The Open stage is a unique meeting point for business development, innovation, new opportunities and matchmaking. The water and wastewater industry will have the opportunity to show its collective innovative power and vision for the future.


Decision-makers, politicians, and researchers from the water and wastewater industry convene at Vatten2025. The conference is held entirely in Swedish.

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